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Forco 100 lb Club Members

Good News! Forco 100 lb Club is Growing!

The number of new Forco 100 lb Club members is rapidly rising. Nearly every day new members are signing up to receive FREE Forco after buying a total of 100 pounds.  That’s inspiring because it also means that these members are seeing very positive results in the health, disposition and overall appearance of their animals.

Not a member yet?  Better sign up now and get a head start on getting your FREE Forco. Your membership will never expire so you need not worry about having to buy a minimum amount per year or some other bogus ‘small print’ catch.

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Horse Health

The Foundation For The Total Health Of Your Horse

Horse health begins in it’s digestive system. It’s at the heart of most major problems in a horse such as colic, diarrhea, compaction, founder, poor do-ers, poor appetite and weight loss.  FORCO® Feed Supplement Digestive Fortifier is a source of nutrients that feed and nurture the entire scope of bacterial and microbial populations in the full spectrum of the digestive system.

The FORCO formula helps to bring a horse’s digestive system to full performance.  Hay, grain, vitamins, and mineral supplements can now be broken down into a form that can be absorbed into the blood stream of the horse, thus, providing maximum nutrition to every microscopic cell in the horse.  FORCO formula assists in producing maximum digestion for maximum nutrition!

We continue to receive feedback describing just how important, beneficial and result-driven our products are with equine and bull digestive situations.  You can read our customer’s successes elsewhere on the site but one testimonial stands out from Rachel Tanguy, Executive Director of Colorado Horse Rescue, Longmont, CO.  An excerpt:

“Using this fabulous product has allowed us to maintain optimum health and nutrition for all of our horses. Results can be noticed almost immediately. Our horses gain weight quickly and develop shiny healthy coats.”

Our products do make a difference in the health of your horses, and smaller animals as well as avians!

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Why Forco Colorado?

Picture of pro horse trainer Jim Rea & Ponyhead
Pro horse trainer Jim Rea


Thanks for visiting the site where you’ll learn about the benefits of feeding your horse Forco, the most recommended digestive aid supplement available for your horse’s good health. I’m Jim Rea, owner of  I’m a Forco evangelist because over the more than 50 years I’ve worked with and cared for horses, Forco has time and time again proven it’s worth in the maintenance of a healthy, happy horse.

Why Forco Supplements?

Over the years, my daily experience with horses (and a menagerie of other animals) is simply this: Forco has proven itself to be the most effective orally administered digestive aid for horses and other animals.  Of course, that is a statement you would expect to hear from someone who is selling Forco throughout this website, isn’t it?  However, please read on and allow me to explain why I believe Forco does exactly what it claims to do and why I believe in it.

The health of your horse’s digestive system is the foundation of your horse’s overall health

The best example of this is when your horse is treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics kill all the bugs – good bugs and bad bugs alike; it doesn’t matter to antibiotics. After a course of antibiotics how does your horse look? As my mother would have said: “A little peaked.”  When using antibiotics beneficial bacteria as well as pathogenic bacteria have been killed and so it takes time for the beneficial bacteria to regroup and blossom.

How I was originally introduced to Forco was when a big grey thoroughbred I had got some kind of crud, coliced and subsequently sort of recovered. He would stand in his pen, look at me and seem to say “I might die any day now.”  I gave him everything I or vets could think of, “vitamin this”, “lactobacillus” that, and everything in between.  None of it helped. One of my clients named Gwen Leino told me about Forco, I took him off everything, gave him two ounces of Forco a day, all the grass hay he would eat, about seven pounds of alfalfa a day along with a mineral I really like called Cal’s, and free choice salt. After about a week, he brightened up with a look that kind of said to me “well I might not die after all.”  During the following six months he gained about 300 pounds. I thought to myself: “this is pretty good stuff.”  Subsequently I recommended Forco to my horse training clients, with great success.  Having become a believer I looked around on the internet and couldn’t find a place to buy Forco online so I started While I’m certainly not ready to buy a personal jet, sales have steadily increased each year and a matching flood of very positive testimonials just keep on coming in.