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Who Is ForcoColorado? is a family owned online distributor of Forco, the most effective digestive aid I have ever found for animals. Forco is manufactured by Forco LLC in Flagler, Colorado. does not manufacture Forco but like many manufacturers Forco LLC prefers customers buy through their established dealer network. If you’re buying online, you can buy right on this page or by clicking: Buy Forco.

Jim Rea & Ponyhead
Pro horse trainer, Jim Rea

Why Forco?

Why buy and use Forco?  Because I believe it has time and again proven itself to be the most effective orally administered  digestive aid for horses and other animals.  Of course, that’s a statement you would expect to hear from someone selling Forco and so, with that said, I will try my best to explain why I believe that to be the case throughout this website.

The health of your horse’s digestive system is the foundation of your horse’s overall health.

The best example of this is when your horse is treated with antibiotics.  Antibiotics kill all the bugs… good bugs, bad bugs, it doesn’t matter to antibiotics.  If you’ve had to give your horse antibiotics for anything, after a treatment course of antibiotic is completed how does your horse look?  As my mother would have said: “A little peaked.”

Beneficial bacteria as well as pathogenic bacteria have been effectively killed and so takes a while for the beneficial bacteria to regroup and blossom.

Horse digestive system image graphic depicting where Forco benefits an animal's internal health

Horse digestive system

How I first learned about the benefits of Forco was when I had a big grey thoroughbred who got some kind of crud, coliced and subsequently sort of recovered.  He would stand in his pen, look at me as if to say “I might die any day now.”  Concerned, I gave him everything I or the vets could think of, vitamin this, lactobacillus that, and almost everything in between.  None of it helped.  Then one of my clients, Gwen Leino, told me about Forco.  I then took my grey off everything, gave him two ounces of Forco a day, all the grass hay he would eat, about seven pounds of alfalfa a day along with a mineral I really like called Cal’s and free choice salt.  After about a week, he brightened up and kind of said to me: “Well, I might not die after all.”

During the following six months he gained about 300 pounds. I thought to myself: “This is pretty good stuff”. I subsequently recommended it to my training clients, with great, consistent success.  I looked on the Internet and couldn’t find any place to buy it and so started  While I’m in no way ready to buy a private jet for my horses and me, but sales have increased every year simply because horse people really like what it does for their animals, as do I.  We frequently get very positive unsolicited email about it and have yet to get a single word from anyone who is unhappy with Forco in any way.

Why Forco Colorado

First and foremost, I appreciate your business and work really hard to exceed your expectations.

What that means for you:

  • Whenever possible your order will go out the very next time I have a FEDEX pickup. If I get your order after I have processed orders for the day I will process it and get it out with the shipment already processed.
  • If a mistake is made, which occasionally happens, you won’t hear any BS excuses about how someone else screwed up. Since Forco Colorado is mostly a one man band the CEO, shipping manager and floor sweeper are me. (I hate it when there’s no one else to blame.)
  • You will get the best value on the Internet, or anywhere else.
    • Shipping is always included in the price, and when that is taken into consideration you will find us most competitive with other ways to buy Forco.
    • When you buy from me your order always comes straight to the door, so you don’t have to drive anywhere.
    • If you join our 100 Pound Club, when you have purchased 100 pounds of Forco, I ship you an extra 5 pounds FREE.
    • Auto ship is available so you never have to worry about running out.

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