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This small, 5 Lb. size tub is perfect for keeping around the house or barn. Fits nicely on a shelf or tucked in with regular cat or dog food.

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The Foundation For The Total Health Of Your Horse

A horse’s digestive system is at the heart of most major health problems such as colic, diarrhea, compaction, founder, poor doers, poor appetite and weight loss. FORCO® Feed Supplement Digestive Fortifier is a source of nutrients that feed and nurture the entire scope of bacterial and microbial populations in the full spectrum of the digestive system.

The FORCO formula helps to bring a horse’s digestive system to full performance. Hay, grain, vitamins, and mineral supplements can now be broken down into a form that can be absorbed into the blood stream of the horse, thus, providing maximum nutrition to every microscopic cell in the horse. FORCO formula assists in producing maximum digestion for maximum nutrition!

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Weight 5 lbs

Granule, Pellets


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